AP12 01

First class will be an Introduction class: both to Parametric and Programming.
Parametric means using parameters. And parameters are used through programming. These two concepts are  the core of the course, and it’s very important that they are completely clear from the first day.

Zeus Temple

In a Greek temple programming is proportion.

London Town Hall

At London Town Hall, programming is code.

Parametric Form Finding in Contemporary Architecture

Experiments in architecture

Participants will need to provide their own laptops with any parametric software package.
We strongly recommend Rhinoceros (Service Release 8 at least) and Grasshopper installed.
An evaluation version of the software can be found at rhino.
A free release of Grasshopper can be found here
Alternativelly, participants may use vvvv

Please consider registering with your email here for better comunication inside AP12.
Remember to pre-register here asap for TK01, and to confirm it with Marta at Construction Department secretary.


Ortega, L., La digitalización toma el mando

Hensel, M., Emergent technologies and design. Towards a biologial paradigm for architecture

Hensel, M., Menges, A.,  Hight, C., Space Reader: heterogenous space in architecture

De Landa, M., A Thousand years of non-linear history

Huerta, S., El cálculo de estructuras en la obra de Gaudí 

Clinton, J., Heinz Isler infinite spectrum of new shapes for shells

Kilian, A., Ochsendorf, J., Particle Springs systems for structural analysis

Seegers, J., Heinz Isler and his New Shapes for Shells

Chilton, J., Isler, H., Heinz Isler. The engineer contribution to contemporary architecture 

Olafur, E., Models are real

Aicher, O., Analógico y digital

Latour, B., El mundo como experimento, la democracia como su protocolo



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