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Minimal Surface Chen Gackstatter explained

GH File
Rhino Help File
and here a Rhino Colorful File

On every patch, you have the number of triangles, and the sizes of the different springs clusters lengths. Remember that lengths are in mm, and are form center to center of triangles. Considering the spring chord ends are rolled in thenmselvs, the length of the distance written, is quite closed to the distance you should cut. Then you have an approximate oversized total length per patch.
Here is a pdf, with different with clear planning instructions. Please verify you have the correct sizes.

Disc 1: 1 patches
Disc 2: 2 patches
Wall small: 6 patches
Wall Big: 6 patches
Leaf Big: 12 Patches
Leaf Small: 12 Patches

Here a picture of Nekane, Edu, Cesc and Yaary hardworking


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