Computational Thinking!

0. In the important part:
Prof. Ramon will unveil the underlying basics of programming
Remember to submit the assignement of theoretical part in Atenea.(ASAP) *

1. In the training part:
-Ex1 Comments on Paper storm bridges
(feel free to come to the office and get more paper at coda office if you feel like bulding more )
here some paper wizards: LiHongbo + prof YM

-Ex2 Studycases!
Groups 1-5 presentation
Link to the presentation . you have to edit you group’s slides.
Follow template/
drawings in black background/
Upload technical drawings or photos of the project/
1-2 slides pseudocode/
possible variations/
hand drawings + parametric modelling/

Spread the word!
fill the AP14 contact list

Here References

Intro to Iterations with Grasshopper: GH closest Distance
You will need HoopSnake Plugin from FoodforRhino

Small fancy intro to progamming
Specially with Laberint

* (tonight instead of tvseries: Have a watch + a second watch )
** a paper and kinematic master