0. In the solid part:
Prof. Ramon will explain the basics of curves
if you want to extend last session, you can start here: Nice introduction to computer science (as if were in harvard)
remember your assignement in Atenea. (Try to write your algorithm in grasshopper)

1. In the fluid part:
-some small Curves Hits to share
-comments on the iterative /recursive algorithm
-Ex2 Studycases!
Groups 6-10 presentation
link to presentation
Follow template/ drawings in black background/ Upload technical drawings or photos of the project/ 1-2 slides pseudocode/ possible variations/ hand drawings + parametric modelling/
Try to model it with grasshopper

+ 40 min hands-on with groups

plugin of the week: milipede from Sawapan just try it! ;)
Spread the word! fill the AP14 contact list if you havn’t done earlier