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In SoftWare part
Machines and Digital Manufacturing
FabLab vision by Neil Gershenfield
if you don’t have time, read it on fgc

In HardWare part

Final Ex. Plywood shell Building system proposal
-don’t be shy, this is the first presentation, brute force brainstorming.
-Bring References
-Photos of (timber)prototypes and tests.
-remember the material provided is quite magical, and far too elastic compared to real scale 12mm plywood

We hope you understand the economic austerity reigning the European southern public university scene where we get almost no funds, but we hope even more you understand the endeavour of your challenge to provide lightest and low enregetical structural solutions for a more efficient world. So no time to complain, but instead time to be smart. This is no longer formalism. This is a real competition for a tangible construction, for you the students, by the students.

Ex2. Sharing Studycases Algorithms
You make the content.

G2 Hannover Expo Roof. Herzog-Natterer GH file
G4 – Odate dome. Toyo Ito Re-param GH file
G7 – Wohlen Highschool Re-param GH File
G8 – Zollinger Re-param GH File

wanna go fancy with gh? go kangaroo vimeo videos of Kangaroo
some pinterest boards on fabrication and Digitalfabrication
plywood respect + Plywood Process by UPM

Reciprocal Structures

Exercise specifications:

-poplar wood from Garnica