Dear All

In the Sunny side
Advanced computational design topics.

In the Storm side
Prepare for the best, plan for the worst.
Actions for the Final presentation.
Parametric model with digital fabrication planning >>>In class, 5 grasshoppers kids will be helping all the groups. Marc, Quim, Anna, Andrea & Agustin. Look for them.
Model: remember: imagine around 10 x 10 m doubly curved shell-pavillion-canopy-constructiveefficientsystem at 1:20
Fabrication. Get in contact with FAAV interns, Agustin and Andrea to schedule your cuts (knk) or mills (roland) or Laser cut (on monday)
Material. You can ask in coda for material (20€ 1m2) more material incoming before friday.
Presentation. Prepare wireframe documents to explain how parametric and adaptable is your system and how it relies in the properties of the plywood. How changeable can it be. You will soon receive and indesign file to fit all that.