AP15 Part 1


Performative Boards

Collaboration with cutting edge state of the art digital fabrication national company
At AP course, in classroom, we’ll present the final assignement. Do not miss it
We’ll work with a real company for a real product.

It’s the time and the chance to change the industry. The only question is who is going to lead the shift.
It’s the time to make computers think for a more efficient sector.

(open editor and check for presenter’s notes)

Assignement 0 CaseStudy Final Presentation due date: class6 8th April

Assignement 1 Flat PerformativeBoards due date: Class8 22nd april
Assignement 2 Solid PerformativeBoards due date: class11 13th May
Final jury including industry partner MecaKim through the brand Decustik

Some references

091027 1005 FlatToForm MR 001 from ROK – Rippmann Oesterle Knauss on Vimeo.

Bending MDF ready to go “This bowl is made by using a laser cutting machine at f.Labo in Japan. The material is MDF 2.5mm. You can bend it to your favorite shape.”

TK work

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