Nuria Conde

Cell SIgnal Unit. Departament de Ciències Experimentals i de la Salut
ICREA- Complex Systems Laboratory, UPF

Distributed biological computation with multicellular engineered networks

Ongoing efforts within synthetic and systems biology have been directed towards the building of artificial computational devices1 using engineered biological units as basic building blocks. There is a logically different form of implementing complex Boolean logic computations that reduces wiring constraints thanks to a redundant distribution of the desired outputamong engineered cells.

Jaume Roqueta:

PLD and Nanoionics Group
Centro de Investigación en Nanociencia y Nanotecnología (CIN2)
Campus UAB, Edifici CM7

The Ultimate Perovskite Project

“Transition metal oxydes presents a great diversity of physical phenomenology as piezoelectricity, superconductivity, magnetoresistance etc…among these oxydes,ABO3 perovskites are a prototypical material because its high degree of chemical tunnability of A and B elements and its simple crystalline structure. But it is observed that the stabilization of the desired properties is often dificult because of its large degrees of freedom such as defects formation, phase separation etc.. In this talk I will speack of these kind of phenomena to understand wich are the major goals we have to overtake in order to push the science of transition metal oxydes to the same level of comprension as for conventional semiconductors like Silicon or Germanium.”






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