FTH04 is both a micro-event of two non standard lectures and the final jury and presentation of the students projects of Arquitectura Parametrica AP12


Dani Bas
Todo lo que nunca supo que quería saber y no quisieron que supiera
He is a Super-active hardcore researcher in any kind of fun geometry.
He’s offering advanced design teaching at AAA

Ben Golder
Species of Spaces and Piles of Places
He is a designer currently living and working in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain with the support of a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellowship. Beginning in fall of 2012, I will be pursuing a dual master’s degree in architecture and city planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
He is also offering great workshops

AP12 Students
Students will be featuring their understanding of architecture through computational design.
They will present their work consisting in a double interpretation of laminar shell structures: a continuous and a discrete version.
In summary: 22 ways of building domes.

about the poster:
flower patterns done with grasshopper and specially with dualmesh node from Daniel Piker.