Study Case Toyo Ito

Coda aims to analyze some interesting geometries by defining a list of 10 case studies. Understand by drawing and writing, the generative processes behind the geometries. Define the variables, parameters and functions of the project. Make the first step in defining the pseudocode as Toyo Ito did.

The structure’s definition of Relaxation Park is a sequence of rationalization processes that begins with outlining the basic ideas. A circular section is extruded, rotated and deformed.After this first approach, Toyo Ito makes a second rationalization round  and adds precision to the project. Determines geometric variables and constraints which lead to a second stage of definition.

But if we go back to the first stage is possible to do a quick workout with grasshopper. Make a simulation of the process that supposedly ensued and begin training the mind to think geometries such as generative instructions.