Fabrication introduction

Methane Bubbles

A combination of “metaballs node” and kangaroo!

Session 4: presentation and sharing techniques
Session 5: present idea, and cutting file
Session 6: collective comment on results 15th May!

Groups are asked to bring the physical object and prepare some slides to present the concept and the tricks. The challenge is to prove how efficient you can be with some simple cuts. Packaging with curved folding, a triangulated landscape of one of your projects, a fingerjoint vase for your plants. (exemples from AP12), an light with interlocking pieces, a deployable pattern.. (lo que querais, pero que mole)
the only restrictions are:
-Objects have to be parametrically designed and digitally fabricated.
-cut with plakene material.
-FAAV is here. Keep in contact with one of the FAAV responsibles to schedule the cut. you can send an email to academic(at)coda-office.com
-at FAAV, you can get some samples of material (but if you want to go bigger, you can get as much as you want at “servei estació” shop)
-at FAAV, teachers and assitants can provide cut service, but it’s quite easy and you can learn to use it by yourself, so you can experiment and do some tests.
-you can cut in the laser too at TallerdeMaquetasLaser , but remember to schedule it with them.
-Please add some slides after your earlier slides of references. (They do not have to match!)
Make sure your name is in all of them, and put the number of your group.

Folding, bending, flat2form, variety of digital fabrication hits, developable, cutting


TOOLS, GHresources, and hits

1-Origami tools:
from Jun Mitani: origami applications. Specially:Ori-Revo

2-on gridshells:
bending analysis, triaxial mesh Gridshell with geodesic From IBOIS
and Plank lines

3-Associated Fabrication, jmallos, Another more strange aggregation from mas.caad (eth), selective amplification Folded paper feature

4-SuperCrew gathered around scripts
http://matsysdesign.com/, torche (hanging hex), the master Fornes, super nice people from nysoftlab3d Lines

5-On deeper thoughts on fabrication and machines:
schindler, readings for weekend, Some GH ressources: http://digitalsubstance.wordpress.com/subcode/

some music: pachangaboys